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Luigi's Mansion 2 :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 5 2 Doodle :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 6 1 Just a little preview :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 3 0 Happy Birthday SandraGH :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 6 0 Sketch || Kuroi :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 13 4 OC || Calico :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 4 0 Sketch|| Calico :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 7 6 Satsuriku no Tenshi - Chibi Zack and Ray :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 14 2 Sketch || Satsuriku no Tenshi - Zack and Ray :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 17 3 Reference sheet || Hajime :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 2 0 Sketch || Hajime :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 2 0 A sweet couple :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 2 0 Merry Christmas (pretty late) :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 2 0 OC || Mumei head shot :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 3 0 Request || Andrew and Ellie :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 3 2 Sketch || Goku :iconmysteriie:Mysteriie 5 2


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Luigi's Mansion 2
Traditional art really isn't my thing ;; I'm on vacation so I don't have my tablet with me, only my sketch book. Sorry for the bad quality :/

Sooo.. I played Luigi's Mansion 2 with my little sister and we actually have a good time ! (I get in the traps too many times), I just wanted to draw a little thing to remember this moment ~

Art (c) me

Just wanted to doodle some of my youngest OC’s while I feel a bit decent. (and to show I’m not dead yet)

Súlë / Marry / Gokû © me

Art © me

Happy Birthday SandraGH
Wanted to draw something for :iconsandragh: 's birthday, so I drew this precious baby. ♥

He is so adorable, I just want to hug him Yato (No one wuvs me) [V1] 
Sketch || Kuroi
Preview of this lovely jerk ♥

man, i feel like coloring him and all the stuff will take me sooooo much time.. I Can't - Riker 
OC || Calico
oh boi finally finished it..
And yes, with different technics. I'm so uncertain with my style, it's horrible. HE'S HERE TO TEAR SOME ORFICES 
Sketch|| Calico
Just a preview of one of my many OC's : Calico.
She is a cute little scandinavian wererabbit and, gosh, I love her so much. happy cry XD 
Satsuriku no Tenshi - Chibi Zack and Ray

Finally finished it, ah gosh now my right shoulder hurts so bad once again.

Whatever, while I was finishing it, I wanted to try a different type of shading and it turns out pretty.. good.. ? Well to me actually. I don’t really know.

So.. here ! Have a chibi Zack and a chibi Ray ♥

Edit : And don't worry about the "mysme-nyan", it's my new username but I can't change it on DA or I need to become CORE.

Sketch || Satsuriku no Tenshi - Zack and Ray
Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death/Slaughter) is a horror rpg game from Sanada Makoto (the Creator of Forest Of Drizzling Rain) and.. I totally fell in love for it.

Zack and Ray's relation evolves during the game in a very cute way. They're my favorite ♥
But the other characters are well done too ! Even if it's not as scary as some other horror rpg games I know, it's still good enough and currently there is an adaptation of it as a manga ! (well, I only found the first chap in English and nothing more but I saw that there are 4 chapters in japanese.)

So, yeah, here a little sketch of them as chibi ! And sorry for being so inactive.
Reference sheet || Hajime

There are still mistakes because I finished it pretty late in the night and I still need to improve in effects.

So, here, I finally decided to do his reference sheet.

Others facts about him :

• He never known his father, he was too young when he died.

• When he is sick/weak, he can't blow flames but only smoke.

• He can ignite every part of his body.

• His right eye is blind due to humans when he was still a baby.

• He is more close to his sister than his mother.

• If I were you, I wouldn’t punch his scales, they’re like steel.

• If he doesn’t kow how to fly, even if his wings are strong and big enough for, it’s because his sister and mother don’t have wings and so, don’t know how to teach him.

• Don’t be fooled by his cute face, he could break down every single of your bones without any efforts.

I’ll try to do Junko’s reference sheet next time (and when I’ll be less tired).

Hajime (c) me
Art (c) me

Sketch || Hajime
A quick sketch of my oc Hajime before bed.
(I messed up the hands again)

Hajime (c) me
Art (c) me
A sweet couple
A "speed" lineart (not too sketchy but quite ??) of my OC : Junko (the Lamia) and my friend's OC, her mate : Sahale. (still need to work on the hands but I'm okay with this for the moment.)

You can find her DA here : 
She is the sweetest and funniest person I've ever met. ♥

Junko (c) me
Sahale (c) Sarusa-28
Art (c) me
Merry Christmas (pretty late)
Merry Christmas to all of you ! I know, I'm a bit late but meh. :v
So have a pissed of Gokû because of all the garlands !

Gokû : My head feels heavy now..
Me : Don't worry ! You'll just keep them 'til the end of December ~
Gokû : ... I hate you.

Gokû (c) me
Art (c) me
OC || Mumei head shot
I really didn't know what colors I could put, so.. meh.

Mumei (c) me
Art (c) me
Sketch || Goku
An other wip, oops.

Edit : Just realised that his body is too.. muscular for a 12 yo kid. xD


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